Hello i am Michael and this is a web site I've set up to shear some of my photos with family, friends and anyone else who may have an interest in them.  On this site ill be putting up the photos I think are my best. There's no real theme. I take pictures of a wide range of things.

       Photography is more of a hobby for me. I'm an over the road truck driver. Ive been driving almost 15 years now. Driving has its good and bad points just like any job but being a truck driver gives me a good chance to go see places and things i might not of had a chance to see. Unfortunately im not always able to stop at places i want to stop at. A lot of places you just cant take a truck and sometimes i just don't have the time to stop. Taxis and rental cars do come in handy when i have time to stop at some places.  I try to at least take pictures once a week. Doesn't always work out but i figure that's a good goal to set.

          I got me first DSLR 2 years ago and haven't been able to get enough of photography ever since. My first camera was a film camera i bought for a photography class i took in junior high school. That was a very long time ago so a lot of what I learned back then i know i forgot but I've learned quite a bit over the past few years trough books, blogs, youtube, and taking to people i meet while out taking pictures. 

            Nature and wild life is what i thought i would focus on most but i end up pretty much take pictures of just about anything. Normally if i see a picture online that looks cool ill try to figure out how they took the picture and then go see if i can do something similar.    Theres a lot to learn out there. Pretty sure ill never learn everything there is to know about photography but ill definitely how fun trying.  I tend to jump around a bit. One month i might do a lot of macro shots and the next i might do a lot of night sky shots.


Thanks for visiting my site. i hope you enjoy the photos.